Year-End Giving Guide

Why give now?

It feels good to give and the holiday season moves many of us to think about the well-being of others. Some data suggests that 30% of charitable gifts are made in December. There are also strategic financial decisions to consider, including making the most of the tax benefits associated with charitable gifts. Regardless of your reason to give, it’s essential to approach end-of-year giving with wisdom. A financial advisor can help answer questions about what to give and when to ensure you’re achieving your philanthropic goals.

What assets are best to give?

The Community Foundation provides you with a simple, powerful, highly personalized approach to giving that includes accepting cash, cryptocurrency, securities, life insurance, real estate, stocks, art and other property.

Who benefits from my charitable gift to the Community Foundation?

One benefit of working with the Community Foundation is that donors can choose what cause or nonprofit they want to support through their charitable gift. Some donors choose to contribute to existing funds – we manage close to 800 charitable funds that support the community’s most pressing needs as well as the arts, human services, historic preservation, animals, and agriculture. Some donors want to build a legacy around their giving – they choose to create a fund that gives to a cause close to their heart and allows them to be more involved in their giving each year.

What important dates do I need to keep in mind for my year-end giving?

  • Online gifts must be completed by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, December 31.
  • Phoned-in or in-person gifts must be received by noon on Friday, December 29.
  • Mailed gifts must be postmarked by Sunday, December 31.
  • Gifts of securities take time to transfer and process. Generally, transactions should be made by Wednesday, December 27, with gifts of mutual funds completed by December 1. Please call our offices (301-695-7660) to discuss gifts of securities to help expedite the process.

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