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H. George Baker Memorial Fund for Epilepsy Support

Founded by wife Elizabeth K. Baker for programs for persons with epilepsy. Learn More

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Nevin S. Baker Fund

Founded through Mr. Baker's bequest as an unrestricted fund. Learn More

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Emma Baker Fund

Founded by parents David and Catherine Baker to provide grants and scholarships. Learn More

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Wanda L. Baldwin Fund

Founded through Ms. Baldwin's bequest as a donor advised fund. Learn More

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Ballenger Creek Elementary School Fund

Founded by Ballenger Creek Elementary School PTA upon Principal Larry Cassel's retirement to enable all students to participate fully in activities, regardless of their ability to pay. Learn More

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William and Hettie Ballweber Fund

Founded by wife Hettie Ballweber to honor William's life work of animal advocacy, rescue, and proactive canine welfare initiatives. Learn More

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Banner School Endowment Fund

Founded by its board of trustees with gifts from an anonymous donor, Mr. and Mrs. David Belcher, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith, Terri Tucker, and gifts in honor of Mary Beach, for scholarships and other needs. Learn More

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