How a Couple’s Estate Plans Continue to Transform Lives

We all know that supporting our local nonprofits is crucial to ensuring a healthy and safe community for all. It also allows individuals to make a positive and lasting impact on the area in which they live and work. Some support, like giving a cash donation, is straightforward, while other gifts involve a complex web of considerations.  From navigating tax implications to determining the most effective form of a donation, for some donors, there are many decisions to be made around philanthropic endeavors.

The Community Foundation of Frederick County helps donors navigate their philanthropic journey with confidence. The Community Foundation worked closely with Kevin and Sara Wade to help them achieve their wish to support a family member with major health needs, while also creating an endowment that would benefit the community for years to come.

According to close friends, Kevin was active with the Lions Club and both were very involved with their church and the Montgomery County Fair where they were often recognized for their entries of flowers and vegetables.

“You couldn’t meet a more wonderful couple, they would help any and all whenever help was needed,” said close friend and fellow church parishioner Joan Gerard.

While the couple had no children of their own, they did have a nephew that required intensive support for his complex medical issues. As part of their estate provisions, they wanted to make sure that their nephew had everything he needed to enjoy life to the fullest. Then the bulk of their estate was left to the Community Foundation to create two charitable funds – The Kevin R. and Sara J. Wade Scholarship Fund and The Kevin R. and Sara J. Wade Special Needs Fund.

By partnering with the Community Foundation and thinking creatively about their philanthropic intentions, the couple was able to fulfill their charitable goals and care for their beloved family member through their estate plans.

Created in 2003, the Wade’s funds have made a real difference in the lives of many in Frederick County. The Special Needs Fund distributed more than $56,000 this year in strategic grants to local nonprofits to support families of children experiencing a catastrophic medical condition. The fund has provided more than $200,000 to local nonprofits since it was created. And thanks to their scholarship fund, more than a hundred students have received financial support to help them realize their educational dreams.

Engaging in philanthropy empowers individuals to impact causes they care about and anyone who has ever given knows it just feels good too. It’s important to note that the advantages of philanthropy go deeper than feeling good and providing tax benefits. People who engage in philanthropic activities often gain a deeper understanding of social issues and a broader awareness of needs and resources in their community. Philanthropy often creates networking opportunities and enables individuals to connect with like-minded individuals while also leading to collaborations, partnerships and a collective desire to create positive change.

Joan Gerard said she remembers her friends Kevin and Sara as “a lovely and giving couple.”

Kevin and Sara Wade were committed to doing good during their lifetime and due to their forward thinking and dedication to changing the lives of others, their philanthropic intentions will continue to be realized for generations.

*Published online in The Frederick News-Post on 6/5/2023.