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The Community Foundation’s mission and impact is furthered by the hard work of its standing committees. Committee members meet regularly to share their expertise and develop strategy. By focusing on specific areas within the organization, they assist in maximizing impact within the community.

Some committee members are appointed by the Board of Trustees, and some are open to those interested in serving.

Audit and Risk Management Committee

The Audit and Risk Management Committee meets as needed to support the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the financial reporting process and audit, and the method for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations. The Committee is also responsible for addressing cybersecurity policies.

Community Leadership Committee

The Community Leadership Committee creates positive impact through the Community Foundation’s grantmaking, advocacy, collaboration, community education, and facilitation activities. Subcommittees are created as needed to address specific tasks as they arise. A standing Grants Committee reviews grant applications primarily during the fall and meets as needed throughout the year.

Engagement Committee

The Engagement Committee meets as needed to create plans and initiatives that strengthen connections with existing donors.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee meets as needed to guarantee that the Board of Trustees is functioning in a proper manner and to recruit new trustees that have competencies important to the Community Foundation.

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee meets as needed to address human resource issues, create position salary ranges, and recommend personnel policies and staff benefits.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee meets at least quarterly to review investment performance, to create investment strategies, to develop investment and distribution policies, and to approve investment managers.

Professional Advisors Committee

The Professional Advisors Committee meets periodically to strategize methods to collaborate with professional advisors in an effort to increase current and planned giving, encourage client referrals, and provide resources and tools.

Real Estate Committee

The Real Estate Committee meets as needed to recommend policies regarding the acceptance and disposition of gifts of real estate, and to implement the sale of real estate once titled to The Community Foundation Holding Company.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee meets primarily March through May to review online scholarship applications and to make scholarship recommendations to the Board of Trustees for final approval.

Strategic Communications Committee

The Strategic Communications Committee meets periodically to strategize communications and outreach initiatives for identified audiences and stakeholders.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee meets as needed to implement the organization’s strategic plan and to address issues that arise with carrying out the plan.

Trusts and Estates Committee

The Trusts and Estates Committee meets as needed to address issues that arise in planned gifts for which the Community Foundation has an interest.